Anonyme, sa vie, son œuvre
Autos rouges autos bleues
Chants d'herbe
Cortège illustré
L'objet manquant
Le râteau ivre

© Éditions Sur la Banquise, 2020 

© Éditions Sur la Banquise, 2020 

Featured in this book is an amazing, deliberately eclectic, selection of vintage snapshots in B&W and color, collected over the years by the Collectif de Vanves. Another confirmation, if needed, that involuntary aesthetics mixes well with poetry, absurd, desire and strangeness.


More than "found" photos, these amateur snapshots were sought out, hunted, tracked down through flea markets and antique shops…. Every one was selected from thousands of others, in boxes on stalls or in hidden corners of the Internet. First forgotten, then fallen fully under the spotlight of the collector’s eye, they are reappearances. 


First edition, 500 copies. 

Bilingual text - French/English.


128 pages, 119 illustrations. Format 16.5 x 21 cm, soft cover. ISBN 978-2-913422-05-6.


Selected illustrations  


Vintage Amateur Snapshots

(Volume 1: Collectif de Vanves, 2016)

Price per standard copy: 25€