Anonyme, sa vie, son œuvre
Autos rouges autos bleues
Chants d'herbe
Cortège illustré
L'objet manquant
Le râteau ivre

© Éditions Sur la Banquise, 2020 

© Éditions Sur la Banquise, 2020 

Excerpts from Chapter 4 

Moyen Âge – Enluminures, croisées d'ogives 

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This richly-illustrated, one of its kind monograph of the "Unknown" artist proposes an unconventional History of the Arts traversing a variety of periods and continents. It pays tribute to the multitude of anonymous pieces of art that range from indisputable masterpieces to obscure junkyard what-d'you-call-it. A deliberately non-exhaustive and often icinoclast study that should not be taken too seriously.


First edition, 370 numbered copies (of wich 15 copies with an original photograph). [Text in French]


112 pages, soft cover / format 18,7 x 22 cm.

Date of publication: December 2010. ISBN 978-2-913422-03-2

Selected illustrations 

Price per standard copy: 22  

Anonyme, sa vie, son œuvre