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Travel-book based on a simple gesture : to lean over, much closer to reality, to face the world at a distance of approximately 2.5 centimeters. Poems and photographs : Anne Zali & Michel F. David. [Text in French]

L'objet manquant

A serpentine and oneiric holiday mystery, unveiled day after day by an unusual duo of apprentice detectives. [For children and teens, text in French]

Le râteau ivre 

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A fascinating, albeit unsettling, set of anonymous drawings and texts, considered to have an art-therapeutic, rigorously descriptive function. Postface by Anne Zali. [Text in French]

Illustrated Cortege (...) 

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A single-copy accordion book, unique and marginal literary object with original drawings of which the author is only known by his/her monogram. [Text in French]


An empirical and vulnerable diary of an anonymous traveller to French Polynesia and Rapa Nui, illustrated by saturated photographs in pairs. [Text in French]

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Main Themes: Young Public/Poetry/Drawings/Travel

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The inaugural publication of the concept of Unfolder, i.e., a book that opens in all possible directions, revealing in a sort of drunkard's random walk a short parodic poem bearing some resemblance to a more famous, less anonymous poem. [Text in French]